We can change your plan…


From reacting to medical crises

& paying bills without question


To pro-actively improving health

& lowering or eliminating the costs of care

Our plan design allows us

significantly impact medical costs



90% Lower Costs

Turnkey Compliance & Healthcare Reform

Employer compliance required filings

IRS Reporting

  • Form 720 (PCORI & Transitional Reinsurance Fees)
  • Form 1094
  • Form 1095
  • Form 5500

Required Notices

  • Creditable Coverage Certificates
  • Privacy Notices

Required Documentation

  • Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)
  • Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC)

Compliance Preparation

  • Avoid the Cadillac Tax
  • Avoid the HIFF Fee
  • Maintain/Comply with Affordability Requirements


Diseases are preventable

  • Type 2 Diabetes 91%
  • Stroke 80%
  • Heart Disease 70%
  • Colon Cancer 71%

Disease Control

  • Minimize symptoms
  • Halt the progression
  • Prevent serious complications

Early Detection

  • Lower the costs of care by 80% or more
  • Minimize the physical, financial, and emotional impact on the individual
  • Identify diseases before the onset of symptoms

Claim Mitigation

  • Costs of care can be impacted
  • Steer utilization to lower cost, high quality providers
  • Manage costs
  • Provide care alternatives

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