Use PHA to retain and grow your current book of business

“As a TPA, we’ve been focused on the two key issues driving the insane costs of health care: 1) a dysfunctional pricing structure, where identical treatments can vary over 600% from provider to provider and 2) the ever-deteriorating health of the American people.  PHA confronts both of these issues head-on and delivers a significant impact on utilization and overall claims spend.”

— Tom Applehans, VP of Sales – Regional Care, Inc.

Add our streamlined process to your group’s existing framework.

You will immediately add value that sets you apart from other brokers.

Gain access to tools to lower your client’s healthcare costs

Become part of the future of health care and risk management

Increase Client Loyalty

Receive powerful forecasting reports

Broaden your list of client services

We share the same goal as you, to offer exceptional services to your members while offsetting
unnecessary costs to the employer. Our solution is simple and free to you.


To find out how to incorporate our effective process into your scope of available benefits, please give us a call at 844.PHA.WORKS.